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The roof sealing or metal roof painting protects the roof from UV rays and prevents algae, molds, etc. If your roof is flat, it becomes extremely important to seal it as a lot of water may accumulate over it. In the case of sloped roofs, sealant adds an additional barrier and enhances longevity

As the name suggests, repointing means renewing and resealing the ridge cap mortar. The existing mortar generally cracks out due to weathering and decay, which allows water penetration inside the roof. Roof repointing provides long-term protection from moulds, water damage, and cracks in tiles.

There is a misconception that pressure washing concrete roof tiles will damage the roof shingles plus tiles. The experts believe that pressure washing can add years to the roof, effectively clean the gutters, and clean the algae, dirt, etc. However, the pressure water must not be used at the highest setting.

Expected Obsolescence and natural wear and tear can hurt your repointing. Experts in some of the best Sydney roofing companies believe one should repoint the roof once every ten years to prevent moulds and fungus. Reporting also provides robustness to the ceiling and prevents storms and damage due to rains. 

Roof coating depends on the present conditions of your roof. In case your roof is in bad condition, it will not rejuvenate or repair the damages that have been done. However, if your roof is in good shape, it will provide additional protection, adds reflectivity to the roof, and enhance the life of your roof.

As per the Australian weather conditions, you must conduct roof repainting once every 10-15 years. It is essential to understand that doing it a little bit earlier will prevent roofs from penetrating moisture, breaking the protective membrane, extreme weather, etc., and enhance the roof's life.

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