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Top-notch is one of the best one-stop roofing solutions to provide you with all roofing services such as roofing repairs, pressure cleaning of the roof, roofing replacements, rebedding, roof spray painting, etc.     
At Top notch renovations, we aim to present you with the best roofing solutions in Australia. We understand that Australian roofs go through many weather changes throughout the year. Hence, we have Australia’s most skilled professionals and roof repairers to provide the best treatment for your roof. Our team is highly passionate about the roofing industry and uses the latest tools and types of equipment to ensure that you get superb roofing solutions.   
Our professionals will carefully assess the condition of your roof problems faced by you and ensure that you get the best roofing service at the most competitive prices. 

Top-notch, determined to deliver distinguished services that you will cherish for decades. 
Xavier Moylan (Owner and Founder)

Know about the owner

Been in the painting and roofing business for about 10 years, I started working as a trainee roofer part time whilst doing my HSC, then went on to become certified and have successfully been running Top Notch Roofing since 2016.
Apart from being passionate for and committed to bringing great work to the homes of Sydney siders, there are many key attributes which help. Offering great customer service, you can have a dryer, more enhanced looking home for your family to be safe and sound under.

Our mission is to deliver great top-quality repairs, painting and roof restorations at affordable rates….. “the proof is in the roof. ”

High Quality Installers -

Why Topnotch Restorations

Without question, the finest roof restorations expert in the industry work with Top Notch restorations. Our restoration team can restore any roofing design. If desired, our knowledgeable staff can recommend the right product for your specific application taking the guesswork out of the selection process. In addition to their exceptional skills, few more reasons to choose Topnotch Restorations.

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