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Roof Flashing

Where a roof meets a vertical section, the tendency for moisture penetration increases through the weak areas like joints, walls adjoining the roofs, windows or doors.

Only relying on sealants is not the way out, we at Top Notch Restorstions use flashing products to give homes an overall weather resistance. Flashing keeps water from entering the roof structure and keeping it sealed from weather forces.

Material used for Flashing is typically a thin layer impervious material and are installed at points where the roof meets a wall or windows, near chimney outlets.

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At Top Notch we are very particular about the timeline for the job. We make sure that we stick to the timeline committed.

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We provide warranty on all our work, we never do have an issues with our finished work but to help give you peace of mind we come back and rectify if something goes wrong.

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We have worked on all types of roof restoration and repair projects from single-story to double-story, both in tile, color bond and a many more.


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Without question, the finest installers in the industry work with Top Notch restorations. Our installation teams can install any builder-specified product. If desired, our knowledgeable staff can recommend the right product for your specific application taking the guesswork out of the selection process. In addition to their exceptional skills, the companies and individuals we utilize must meet these requirements:

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