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How do I choose a roof colour?

Roof Colour is the choice that can make our home stand out from others. We all want our house to look its best, and one of the first places people look at, when they see your home is the roof. So it’s important to choose a roof colour that compliments your home’s style and enhances its aesthetic appeal. But with so many roofing colours to choose from, how to pick a roof colour, is a difficult question to ponder. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips that will help you pick the right roof colour for your home.

Best Roof Colour – Guide

Many roofing businesses maintain a ‘Drive by Record,’ which includes a list of previously repaired roofs organized by colours. A Sydney roofing company might help you with the same. It is an excellent way to see what the colour looks like on a roof. It is critical to notice that the colour chart must be viewed in direct sunlight; colours seem lighter on the roof under direct sunlight than on the colour charts. So, seeing the shades, in natural light will be pretty beneficial in selecting the right shade.

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Bristile’s External Visualiser, as well as Colorbond’s Visualiser, are both excellent tools for colour selection. These terrific tools allow you to modify the colour of the entire exterior to suit your own, giving you a good idea of how the colours would appear on your roof.

Roof colour: A basic guideline

A typical rule of thumb for selecting a colour from an external colour palette is to use two contrasting colours or one accent colour. To break up two identical colours on a roof and external wall, the gutters and other elements, such as rails, doors, and window frames, must be in contrasting accents.

For instance: A white accent colour is ideal for your fascia, gutters, and window trimmings. It works well in breaking up two contrasting colours. Lighter colours also provide the impression that these structures are larger/higher.

Follow the Trends

Whereas the colour charcoal has dominated the roof market for the previous decade, a new style – Hamptons Style – is gaining popularity these days. Light roofs with earthy tones are becoming increasingly trendy. However, darker grays will always fit with Hamptons Style colour combinations.

Earthy tones are also becoming increasingly popular. Nutech colours include Gully, Jasper, Wallaby, Shahara, and Evening Haze. Nutech’s Color Chart may be found at your nearest roof restorers in Sydney.

Strategies for Heat Reflection

When contemplating darker roof colours, some people are concerned about the heat they may absorb, thereby increasing the indoor temperature of their homes. It is an option to consider if your home has low ceilings and no insulation or if you are seeking ways to keep your house cold, especially during the summer months.

In such cases, heat-reflecting paints in neutral tones can be used to lower the heat inside the soffit by 30 ° C and inside your house by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

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Roofs are the most important structures of any house. There is no best time to restore your roofs! When choosing an ideal roof colour, all you have to do is use two contrasting colours or one accent colour while keeping your permanent fixtures in mind. It is also an excellent idea to test some visuals through a drive-by list whenever feasible since the colours will seem lighter over your roof than that on your colour chart.

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However, once you get your roof painted, keeping it clean and maintaining it well to improve its life is also important. At Top Notch Restorations, our roof cleaners in Sydney can help you keep your roof in good condition. Our experts also provide all types of roof restoration services, including roof leak repairs in Sydney. With the help of our dedicated team, we can help you fix any leaks, thereby ensuring that your roof colour remains intact for years to come.


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