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4 Signs that your Roof Needs Restoration

Roof Needs Restoration: A roof is one of the most critical parts of a house. A house roof protects you from extreme sunrays, rain, hail, storms, etc. Check when roof needs restoration Like everything else, roofs get damaged and worn out over time. The wet, hot and humid climate gives rise to many roofing problems such as a leaking roof, water accumulation in the ceiling, leaf and puddle build up on the top, debris buildup in the roof, etc.

Roof Needs Restoration

To solve these issues, roof repairing of damaged or worn-out roofs is a must. However, if the roof is old or worn out, one can contact a professional roofer for a complete roof replacement service. The Roof Needs Restoration is needed when our roof is damaged due to rain or other reasons.

Roof Needs Restoration
Roof Needs Restoration

Timely restoration of your roof is necessary to avoid long-term damage. Thus, knowing when to repair or replace your roof is imperative.

Here are four signs that you should look out for monitoring your roofs for any damage:

1) Cracked roof tiles/Shingles: Roof tiles generally last for 20 to 25 years. However, the lifespan of tiles may be shortened due to climatic factors and poor roof maintenance. Damaged/Cracked roof tiles or Shingles may be due to the dirt and debris buildup on the roof. A damaged rooftop allows the water to seep through the roof surface, causing further damage. It can also cause moulding, rot, and internal leaks, aggravating your roof issues and making restoration more expensive. Cracked roof tiles are one of the most prominent signs that you need roof repairing.

2) Internal or Ceiling leaks: Water seeps through the damaged roof and affects the ceiling and wall of your house. If you notice dark circular spots on your ceiling, dark stains on the wall and floor, or a puddle on the floor, it clearly indicates an internal water leak.

These internal leaks are due to cracked tiles, holes in roofs, etc. If you encounter any water damage signs, you should contact a roofing contractor and get your roof fixed.

3) Missing Roof tiles: If your rooftop has been missing some roof tiles lately, it can definitely create some water leaks. Besides this missing tiles may also create a break in the roof, which allows the weather to penetrate. It’s also worth considering the knock-on effect of a missing tile. Even if the missing tile is not creating any visible gaps in the roof, one must contact a professional roofer and get it fixed as soon as possible.

In the situation of missing tiles, simple tile replacement will not solve the issue, and your roof tiles will need total roof needs restoration to solve this problem.

For example, Suppose your roof develops algae or mould before replacing the missing roof tiles. In that case, the roofing expert will first remove algae and mould from the tiles, then prime the roof tile and seal it before applying a protective roof membrane. Then he will finally paint to finish.

4) Degradation of roof paint: Apart from losing aesthetic appeal, decolorization of roof tiles is a good indicator that the protective coating on the roof has been compromised and the tiles/shingles have dampened/damaged. Colour fading occurs either due to dirt and debris buildup or constant sun exposure on the roof’s surface.

You can fix the faint or peeling colour of roof tiles by repainting them. Still, it is advisable to contact a professional roofer and inspect if the damage is only at the surface level or if the roof tile is damaged from the inside. A timely roof restoration will prevent any severe damage to your house.

If you notice that the colour of your rooftop is fading, it is probably time to get it checked.

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Your roof protects your house from many things, and it is necessary to ensure that your roof is in perfect condition. If you encounter any issues such as water damage, sagging roof tiles, missing roof tiles, etc., you should always call for professional assistance.

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